Ultimate Guide to the Best Cognacs in Nigeria

One of the most popular alcoholic beverages in Nigeria's most well-known pubs, nightclubs, and lounges is cognac. Cognac is known for its sophisticated flavour and silky finish since it is made from distilled white wine and matured in wood barrels. The top 15 cognacs sold in Nigeria and their pricing will be discussed in this post.
      1. Hennessy VS - This is the most popular cognac in Nigeria, known for its smooth taste with hints of oak, vanilla, and fruit. Best enjoyed neat or in cocktails. It's affordable in Nigeria and a popular choice at events like weddings, parties, and hangout with friend. A bottle of Hennessy VS costs from ₦28,800.
      2. Rémy Martin VSOP - This cognac has a sweet and floral taste with hints of vanilla and oak. Perfect for all party occasions, Perfect for sipping meta, on the rocks or in cocktails. A bottle of Rémy Martin VSOP costs ₦38,000.
      3. Martell VS - This cognac has a fruity taste with hints of spice and oak. The youngest cognac from Martell collection, matured for only 2 years. With its fruity notes of plum, apricot, and lemon, it's perfect for cocktails. And guess what? It's pocket-friendly too! A bottle of Martell VS costs ₦25,400.
      4. Hennessy VSOP -Hennessy VSOP Privilege Cognac is a smooth and velvety cognac with a blend of oak, vanilla, and fruit flavours. Made from 60 unique Eaux-de-vie aged for 4 to 15 years in Limousin oak barrels, it's balanced and harmonious. You can enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or with a mixer. No wonder it's a favourite go-to drink in Nigeria, and at just ₦49,000 per bottle, it's totally worth it!
      5. Hennessy XO - This cognac has a complex taste with notes of fruit, oak, and spice. A bottle of Hennessy XO costs ₦177,750
      6. Rémy Martin XO - This cognac has a complex and intense taste, with notes of fruit, vanilla, and spice. A bottle of Rémy Martin XO costs ₦142,100.
      7. Martell XO - This cognac is a fancy-pants cognac with a complex taste of spice, fruit, and oak. It's a blend of eaux-de-vie from Martell's 4 main terroirs and aged between 15 and 35 years. This extra old cognac is perfect for special occasions or your cognac collection, and it's best enjoyed neat or with a splash of water to bring out the sensational aroma. A bottle of Martell XO costs ₦115,000
      8. Martell Blue Swift - The first-ever cognac made from Eaux-de-vie matured in French oak casks and then finished in Kentucky bourbon casks. It's super smooth and can be enjoyed on its own, over ice, mixed with a mixer, or used as a fancy ingredient for cocktails. A bottle of Martell XO costs ₦46,000.
      9. Remy Martin 1738 - ENonye the ultra-smooth Rémy Martin 1738 Cognac, aged in fresh French oak barrels for a delicious blend of butterscotch and baking spices. This definitely a collectors A bottle of Rémy Martin XO costs ₦46,900.

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