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Uncork the Tequila Vibes with My Mini Bar!
Discover the diverse brands and flavours of tequila sold on My Mini bar, from Blanco to Añejo! Lagos' best tequila brands & delivery in under 100 minutes. Shop premium tequilas online with My Mini Bar.
Celebrating Whiskies of the World.
Calling all young, adventurous Nigerians! Discover 6 remarkable whiskey brands from around the world, available in Lagos. Dive into their unique qualities and prices, and get ready to celebrate the different World Whiskies in style. Cheers to new experiences and tantalising flavours! 
Indulge in the Elegant Taste of Whispering Angel
Looking for a refreshing and sophisticated wine to indulge in this week? Look no further than Whispering Angel Rosé, available on My Mini! This wine has gained popularity among wine enthusiasts all over the world and has become a favourite among Lagosians as well. The article talks about the availability of Whispering Angel Rosé in Lagos, Nigeria, and its character, including its elegant taste, stylish packaging, and versatility in pairing with a variety of foods. It also suggests gifting a bottle of Whispering Angel Rosé to the important women in your life for Women's Day or Mothering Sunday.