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Magic of Baileys Irish Cream History
Unlocking the Magic of Baileys Irish Cream in Lagos My Mini Bar Life Fam, it's time to raise a glass! Ready to indulge
Sierra Tequila is the Lagos Party Starter
Dive into the Lagos tequila scene with Sierra Tequila – the fiery spirit that turns every sip into a fiesta! Quality, tradition, and affordable. 🍹🎉 #SierraTequila
Chardonnay Vibes: When the wine is giving, you ju

Hey there, wine lovers!

Get your glasses ready, peeps, because Chardonnay Day 2023 is here, and we're about to slay the grape game, Nigerian style! Join us as we dive into the glitz and glamour of the Chardonnay world, combining our Nigerian vibes with the smooth elegance of this queen of whites. It's time to uncork, unwind, and let the puns flow like a Lagos traffic jam!

Valentine's Popup Games Night
My Mini Bar NG organized a successful Valentine's Popup Games Night with She.Is.Oge and Manolo Spanky, along with other gin enthusiasts, at HOV Restobar. The event included fun games, delicious Beefeater cocktails, and prizes.
7 Weird Facts You Need to Know About Wine.
Discover 7 surprising wine facts: antioxidants boost heart health, oldest well-preserved wine bottle, oenophobia exists. Not all wines are vegan; Yellow Tail top Africa's wine brands. Moments with My Mini Bar's FAST, Lagos wine delivery.
6 Christmassy Cocktails You Can Make At Home
Here are the top 6 Christmassy cocktails drinks in lagos, you can easily make at home just in time for your Christmas parties. Alcohol bottles to be delivered to your doorstep with 100mins by my minibar