6 Need to Know Fact on Jameson Irish Whiskey

6 Need to Know Fact on Jameson Irish Whiskey

6 things you need to know about Jameson Whiskeys!

The Owner was not Irish

Jameson is a brand of Irish whiskey. The "Irish king of whiskey," Jameson, is well-known. John Jameson, the company's founder, was a Scottish lawyer, not Irish. The whiskey Jameson is made in Ireland. The brand has been producing casks of the world's most popular amber spirit for over 200 years. "Sine Metu," which translates to "Without Fear," is the company and family motto, and it captures the true spirit of Jameson's premium, triple-distilled Irish whiskeys.

The two different ranges of Jameson Sold in Lagos, Nigeria.

There are nine different Jameson "Original" Irish whiskey ranges available worldwide, but only two are legally sold in Lagos by its parent company Pernod Ricard:   Jameson Irish Whiskey and Jameson Black Barrel

 Made with two Irish Whiskey Blends and Distilled Three Times

Jameson Irish Whiskey is made by combining two types of whiskey: a rich pot still whiskey made from both malted and unmalted barley and the finest grain whiskey. For smoothness, these two whiskeys are distilled three times and age them in oak casks for a minimum of 4 years.

Black Barrel is triple distilled and twice charred for a rich, smooth flavour.

Charring is an age-old technique for energising barrels and enhancing flavour. Jameson Black Barrel pays homage to their coopers, who painstakingly char their bourbon barrels to reveal their unrivalled richness and complexity. Because every barrel contains secrets that must be coaxed out.

The taste and Smell

Have you ever sniffed Jameson Irish Whiskey when you pour it straight into a glass? It has a light floral scent with spicy wood and sweet undertones and tastes of a perfect blend of spicy, nutty, and vanilla tones, with a touch of sweet sherry hints and perfect smoothness.

Because the time spent maturing in the barrels helps bring out more butterscotch, fudge, and creamy toffee aromas, Black Barrel has a different taste note. Nutty notes abound alongside the smooth sweetness of spice and vanilla. Enjoy the richness and intensity of the toasted wood and vanilla.

 Easy Cocktail Mix for Jameson

The Jameson, Sprite and Lime

This cocktail couldn't be easier to prepare. If you're looking for quick party drinks or something to quench your thirst, this whiskey drink is ideal; all you need is Jameson Irish Whiskey, delicious Sprite, and a small wedge of lime. So, relax and enjoy three refreshing elements that complement each other. 

The Classic Whiskey, Sprite & Lime recipe

The Jameson Old Fashion

A recipe for an Old Fashioned that will never go out of style. As the name suggests, this is one of the very first whiskey cocktails ever created. Although its exact origin is unknown, the Old-Fashioned may have been invented in 1884 by bartender Martin Cuneo at the "Pendennis Club" in Louisville, Kentucky. Almost 150 years later, the Old Fashioned is still the most popular cocktail in the world, and it's the ideal way to enjoy your Jameson Black Barrel.

A recipe for the Old Fashioned whiskey cocktail

    Affordable Price Point and Free Delivery

    When it comes to price, it's safe to say that Jameson is the most affordable whiskey. For example, a 70cl bottle of Jameson Original Irish Whiskey costs N10,741 and is delivered free on My Mini Bar, whereas a 70cl bottle of Jameson Black Barrel costs N18,000 and is delivered free on My Mini Bar.
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